Structural Engineer


Whether you are building a new home, in the process of a simple remodel, or charging forward with a full-scale renovation, Built has the expertise you need on your team. We are proficient in steel, concrete, masonry, and timber structures, and have completed countless projects from small to large.


Built has design experience on board when it comes to tenant improvements and building components. We have designed many different steel stair structures, canopies, guard rail systems, vent hoods, light fixtures, and more. Aside from the typical materials of steel, concrete, and timber commonly found in residential, we also commonly design glass and aluminum structures in these types of projects.

Excavation + Site

Do you have a tall fence that requires wind analysis and design? Or a tricky excavation that requires shoring design? Or perhaps you just need a few site walls designed? We can help with any number of projects.

Construction Consulting

To ensure your project is a success, you will need an experienced consultant who will work with you at each step of your project. As construction practices continue to evolve, our team of expert consultants in the Greater Boston will use leading construction and scheduling tools to meet your needs. Your construction project will benefit from the guidance of our expert Seattle CPM scheduling and project managers who provide insight and direction for you to succeed.

Your construction schedule will be a key component to a successful project. We offer the guidance and insight for all your CPM scheduling needs in the Seattle area and beyond. Our expertise in CPM scheduling and project management will ensure your Seattle construction project stays on track from start to finish with detailed deadlines to meet at every phase of the project.