Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen functions today as the heart of the home – a place for feeding, nurturing and communing – the center of home life. As kitchen remodelers we understand that the kitchen provides the core functions of storing, cooking, and cleaning, of course. But it’s also a bona fide living space and the high-traffic focal point of the home, usually with multiple entry and exit points and inside/outside connections.

Once your kitchen profile is determined, it’s on to the layout and selection process. There is much to consider. Will a new kitchen design provide better working space or do walls need to be opened to provide more room? What is the best placement for cabinetry, appliances and islands so they create an easy flow for usage and accessibility? What type and finish of cabinetry and doors will work well in your home to create that special look? What built in storage compartments and accessories should be considered and in which cabinets should they be placed?

Think about countertop options: do you prefer quartz, marble, stainless steel, wood, ceramic, or granite? What would work best for your particular style of cooking and entertaining? There are patterns, solids, and stains to choose from, but this choice is also dependent on your choice of backsplash, wall covering and flooring patterns and colors.

We offer our modern line of cabinets, crafted from the highest quality materials by career artisans. And we bring formidable precision, craftsmanship, sustainable construction expertise, and designer relationships to bear on our kitchen remodels. Regardless of project size and scope, we provide high value, managerial excellence, and financial transparency to every kitchen design and remodel.

Please contact us to discuss your kitchen remodel needs and desires. We look forward to collaborating as your contractor on this vitally important work in your home!

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