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Top Quality Construction

Our commitment to excellence is the trait that separates Top Quality Construction from our competitors.

Top Quality will apply our vast knowledge and expertise to each project we are entrusted to build. We adhere to all building codes as well as industry standards and guidelines. We will never cut any corners and will devote ourselves to building our customers beautiful functional projects. We are constantly reinventing ourselves and keep current with the newest technology in the industry.

New Construction

Why Choose Us?

Remodeling Services for Every Room!

We can perform any type of home remodeling you can imagine. From kitchen and bathroom remodeling to attic and basement remodeling, we have trained personnel that are here to help you obtain the home remodel of your dreams.

We Educate You

As a contractor, we aspire to fulfill the role of ‘the hand that feeds back to the mind.’ We do so through clear and consistent communication with each project’s architect and owner.

We’ll Cut your Costs

If we can find materials that retain the estetique quality you are looking and will fit your budget, we’ll advise you towards more affordable products.

Minimal Impact on Your Home

We’ll minimize the impact of your home remodeling project during construction on your everyday life by working efficiently and making sure once we start, we’ll finish as soon as possible. We won’t leave you in the dust!


Top Quality Remodeling 1-Year Craftsmanship Warranty covers all installations provided by Top Quality Remodeling.

Green Choices

Going “Green” doesn’t always have to mean buying solar panels, replacing all of your windows, or buying fancy appliances. There are ways you can save energy and cut costs without spending any money. We help you choose products that can save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars a year on your energy bills.

What We Do?

How We Work

If you find us to be exceptionally detail-oriented and refreshingly forthright, particularly in the early phases of a project, it’s only because we see one of our most valuable roles as confidence builders.

Projects Large and Small

For projects large and small, our versatility is unmatched. We have remodeled everything from entire homes to small home projects.


Nearly all of our Carpentry work is performed by our own Carpenters who bring their own personal care and skill to their work. We enjoy our work and strive to take good care of the craftsmen whom we employ so that they too can enjoy their work.

Tiling & Flooring

We offer high quality installation of these materials: ceramic, hardwood, marble, travertine, granite, glass, limestone, porcelain, quarry and Mosaic tile.


Whether looking to renew your home with a fresh coat of paint or do a small bathroom remodel you can be certain that our staff will provide you with an individual attention because your satisfaction is most important to us.


We work with you, and our experienced architects to create that warm, welcoming environment. You tell us a little about your vision, and we’ll turn your vision into a reality at an affordable price that you can manage!

Top Quality Construction uses professional, licensed, bonded certified installers. When you choose Top Quality, you are guaranteed that your job will have top-of-the-line industry products and be built to your specifications.